Thank You for Watching Finding HOPE

Since the Premiere of the Documentary Screening “Finding HOPE” on 30 Aug 2020, we received tremendous response from our donors and viewers who were inspired by the life-changing stories of these 5 families in this documentary.  In total, we have raised RM 24,126.58 which it shall be fully channelled to the implementation of our community programs.

We invited these 5  families to watch the Premiere at our centre. Please click and watch the video that recorded the precious moments of Our Premiere with these 5 families.

Moving on, you still can watch the Documentary on:
Our website:
Our YouTube Channel:
Our Facebook Page:

Thank You so much for all of you who have watched and donated to our good cause. Please continue to share the Documentary link to your friends for them to watch and get inspired!

Bringing HOPE, Changing LIVES

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