What Every 21st Century Parent Needs to Know!

Introducing the Good Enough Parenting™:

What Every 21st Century Parent Needs to Know!

HOPE worldwide Malaysia is excited to introduce Good Enough Parenting™ (GEP) – an evidence-informed parenting program that has already transformed thousands of families around the world. Such transformation is in line with our core belief of building healthy communities. For a healthy community to succeed, families must succeed.

Parenting in the 21st Century does come with its own challenges. Given the rising cost of living and raising a family, both parents now have to work. Many young parents have become career oriented at the expense of “being present” both physically and emotionally for their young children. Fathers continually to be absent and do not play enough with their children. Children continue to face the pressure to perform well academically at a very young age, and unfortunately many of them do not have an enjoyable childhood, but a hectic schedule. Teenagers continue to not be connected to their parents, who often are at a loss on how to parent their children who are now in puberty. Marriages also continue to deteriorate resulting in higher number of divorces with every passing year.

GEP is a comprehensive parenting program that helps parents understand the core emotional needs of children, and how to not exasperate but nurture them so that the parents and children are emotionally connected, which will set the stage for their children to grow and become healthy adults.

GEP differs from other parenting programs in that it does not focus at the outset on modifying the behavior of the children. Instead it aims on improving the quality of relationship between parent and child. When the parent-child relationship is in place, children are more apt to listen and allow their parents to influence them.

GEP provides a step by step guide to help parents with infants as well as those with older teenagers. This program also taps into the power of movie scenes (with copyright permission) which is used to enhance their teaching points. Participants have remarked that GEP has been a captivating, educational and insightful parenting program and that it is relevant to parents from Eastern as well as Western cultures.

An In-Depth Perspective on

Meeting Core Emotional Needs

and Avoiding Exasperation

马来西亚环宇希望组织欲向商业伙伴们介绍《教子有方》Good Enough Parenting™(GEP)!这是一项有实证依据的亲子工作坊,而且经已改变了全世界成千上万个家庭。这符合我们建设健康社区的核心理念。要建立一个健康的社区,务必先着手建立一个健康的家庭。


《教子有方》(GEP) 是一个全面的亲子项目,除了帮助父母了解儿童的核心情感需求,更教导父母如何在不激怒孩子的情况下,依旧有效地教育他们,使父母和孩子在情感上建立联系。这一切都将为他们的孩子的成长奠定基础,继而成为一个身心灵健康的成年人。

《教子有方》(GEP) 与其他亲子项目的不同之处在于,它并不只是专注于改变儿童的行为。相反,它旨在提高父母和孩子之间的关系修复。当亲子关系密切时,孩子便变得更容易聆听和沟通,从而允许父母参与并引导他们的人生。

《教子有方》(GEP) 提供了一个按部就班的指南,以便能有效地帮助父母,以及身为青少年的父母。该亲子项目更会加入电影的某些情节(具有版权许可)来加强教学的果效,继而让整个学习过程更生动有趣。曾经参与过《教子有方》工作坊的人士都表示,这是一个引人入胜,富有教育性质和洞察力的亲子项目,最重要的是,其亲子的技巧对东方和西方文化的父母而言,都非常受用。

Drop us a call today to find out more how we can collaborate and organize the Good Enough Parenting™ (GEP) Workshop for your management and staff!

今天就致电我们,了解我们如何能够为您的管理层和员工协作和组织《教子有方》Good Enough Parenting™ 亲子工作坊。

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