Sun Life Malaysia Therapeutic Art Education Program 2020

Stepping into the 6th year of CSR Collaboration with Sun Life Malaysia, we are excited to empower our community to live a healthier lifestyle through Therapeutic Art Education Program, teaching them about the application of natural resources or ingredients to produce the most authentic and beautiful colours for their artwork.

The ingredients include lemon, beetroot and sweet potatoes. It takes about an hour just to produce the colours through the process of cutting and pounding. From the process of producing the colours and applying them in their artworks, it creates the therapeutical effects that help to instil, patience, calmness and creativity in our community. Through this program, it also helps the community to learn to appreciate nature.

All these lead to building the resilience in our community, a necessity for them to not give up in Finding HOPE and strive through plights and adversities in life. With this, HOPE worldwide Malaysia is excited to tell the life-changing stories about 5 Families, their journey in Finding HOPE through our Charity Documentary Screening. Now, you may click to watch this special video comprising the Therapeutic Art Education Program and featuring the Charity Documentary Screening:

Join us to watch the Premiere of our Documentary on 30 August, 3:00 pm on YouTube and Facebook LIVE! Register and watch the documentary for free by clicking:

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