School Holidays Micro:bit Learning Program

HOPE worldwide youths and children have never been idle during School Holidays, in fact, they were so busy, not just for holidays celebrations, but for learning new knowledge. Here, we are thankful for Dow Chemical, as this year, we continue to organize 2-week classes, training the children and youths on intensive Micro:bit learning program.

The program is incorporated with the existing S.T.E.A.M Robotics Education program, organized by our dedicated volunteer teachers, Yogen and his team. The program helped these youths to be solution-focused, and as well as embracing the values of teamwork. Often times, they will be engaged in many brainstorming and discussion sessions. Besides just learning, we appreciate the volunteers who constantly organizing extra-curricular activities such as ice-breaking and team-building games that improved these youths’ confidence and communication skills.

By the end of the learning program, we had a feast to celebrate their learning progress!

Thank You Dow Chemical for your continuous support towards our crusade in bringing knowledge to empower these youths and children from low-income families and marginalized community, to see their lives being impacted and changed. Thank you for making the difference!

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Bringing HOPE, Changing LIVES

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