Hyatt Thrive Christmas Celebration by Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

December is a Month of Festives and Celebration. We are so grateful to be invited by Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur for the Hyatt Thrive Christmas Celebration last Thursday! We had a fun-filled and memorable time with Hyatt’s staff volunteers!

We want to say thank you to Grand Hyatt for your thoughtfulness in planning and organizing this Christmas Celebration, that made our children and youths felt so welcomed and encouraged! This is a gift of joy and friendship, as Hyatt staff spent their time, interacting with our children throughout the activities.

The children had so much fun decorating the ginger breadman, and we had a small competition to choose the sweetest decoration as the children were given chocolates and candies as deco items.

The children and youths were also in for a buffet lunch treat by Grand Hyatt!

Hyatt staff surprised the December babies with a Birthday song and a Birthday Cake!

Thank you, Grand Hyatt, for the memorable time you have given to our children and youths! We look forward to our upcoming collaborations in empowering our youths for more job opportunities in 2020!

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur General Manager, Mr. Robert Dallimore stopping by to greet our children by distributing Christmas Gifts to them.
A group photo was taken with a cheque donation of USD 5,000 which will be utilized for a Youth Empowerment Program that is going to help 40 youths to find jobs.

For more event photos, kindly check them out on our Facebook page by clicking into: Hyatt Thrive Christmas Celebration by Grand Hyatt KL

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