Finding HOPE Charity Documentary Screening 2020

On the 1st Day of August, we invite you to join us in a Journey of Finding HOPE – our very first Charity Documentary Screening, featuring 5 life-changing stories of our community.

Since the year 2000, HOPE worldwide Malaysia embarked a journey in helping the low-income families and marginalized community in Finding HOPE – empowering them to break through the poverty cycle through our community programs that focused on the areas of Health, Food, Education, Volunteerism and Corporate Shared Values.

We thank you for your support throughout the 20 years of Journey, and now, we would like to invite you to come and watch the Documentary that portrays the life-changing stories of 5 low-income families, how they strive through difficulties and continue to Find HOPE in lives.  This is a tribute to these 5 resilient families we are helping in HOPE worldwide Malaysia.

Moving on, please follow the steps below to stay connected with us until the Premiere on 30 August:

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Now you’re all set! See you on our Premiere via YouTube and Facebook LIVE on 30 August, 3:00 pm.

Bringing HOPE, Changing LIVES

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