Ceria BerRaya Bersama HOPE

While maintaining social distancing, it doesn’t affect the Spirit of Sharing & Giving in this Festive Season as we have two corporate sponsors who gave 200 low-income families a memorable Raya Celebration! Firstly, we wanna thanks KFC Malaysia who sponsored 200 sets of Bargain Feast for 200 families. Secondly, our gratitude also goes to Starbucks Malaysia who sponsored 375 boxes of Chewy Kurma Cookies.

Thank you so much for your generosity that instils the spirit of joy for these 200 families during this CMCO.

How thoughtful and meaningful at critical times like this, we can offer such heartwarming celebration to our families. A Big Thank-You to KFC & Starbucks for the unforgettable experience! For more event photos, check them out on our Facebook Page by clicking HERE

Now you can make a donation to support our continuous endeavour to help these families upon recovery from this global pandemic. Let’s help them to get back on their feet, let’s spread hope and love, continue to instil goodness among our community amid this critical time.

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