POPLOOK Character 1st Education Program

“Your character defines who you are by the actions you take.” by Catherine Pulsifer

Character is undeniably the most important element in a Child’s development. We are proud to announce our new Education Program in 2020, sponsored by POPLOOK, the Character 1st Education Program.

While character formation begins at home, we believe everyone who interacts with a child or teen has an opportunity to teach or encourage positive social values. HOPE worldwide Malaysia aims to provide fun, engaging, positive, practical, and research-based lessons that will help students build the character and competence needed for success.

We would like to thank POPLOOK and Sari Yanti for the generous donation through the fundraising campaign last year on their website https://poplook.com/ . All these wouldn’t possible if not for your kindness and generosity.

Good character produces in us the strength and resilience to withstand and endure challenges in life – from trauma, failures, sadness, hurt, disappointment and even loss to strength, hope, love and inspiration. These are the stories we want to share with you through our Documentary Screening. With this, please check out the prelude of our very first Charity Documentary Screening by the end of the video, telling the stories of resilience of our community.

Bringing HOPE, Changing LIVES

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