Home Visit with IGB International School Students and Teachers

20 students and 4 teachers from IGB International School decided to send some love and encouragement to 8 families in the Sentul Community. They brought some groceries and most importantly, to engage with the families with questionnaires, to find out more about their areas of needs, on how HOPE worldwide Malaysia could do to empower these families for a better lifestyle.

Through this home visit, these students aged from 11 to 15 years old, have learned so much on building connection through interaction, being a good listener while listening to these families as they tell their stories. It was an enriching and fulfilling experience. We want to thank IGB International School for your generosity and thoughtfulness by engaging your students and teachers to be volunteers, reaching out to our communities. This world will become a better place when we decided to look out for one another by lending a helping hand.

For more event photos, check them out on our Facebook page by clicking into Home Visit with IGB International School Students and Teachers

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Bringing HOPE, Changing LIVES

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