DHL IT Services Presented 10 Laptops to Underprivileged Youths

Last Saturday, volunteers from DHL IT Services and DHL Express team came to our centre to handover 10 laptops to 13 youths from the Speech Class. This marked an incredible milestone in HOPE worldwide Malaysia CSR Collaboration with DHL IT Services in the GoTeach Initiatives since the year 2015.

Since HOPE worldwide Malaysia’s collaboration with DHL IT Services through the GoTeach Initiatives in 2015, we worked with Blossom Literacy Program (BLP) to bring knowledge and English Literacy to our children and youths in the MY Reading Program. Since then, DHL IT Services GoTeach volunteers have never stopped giving their very best to help our youths to gain knowledge. From MY Reading Program to Speech Class, the volunteers spent their precious time on Saturdays to mentor the youths in the Speech Class, even during the MCO-CMCO-RMCO period, the volunteers worked innovatively to continue mentoring our youths via Zoom.

The youths wrote Thank You Notes for DHL Volunteers

Ever since we have our Speech Class on Zoom, we realized that our youths would need a laptop. During the past 5 months, the youths have been using their parent’s mobile phones to attend the class, sometimes the connection could be unstable, and when they parents need to use the phone, the youths will be missing the Speech Class. Hence, we really appreciate the Global Business IT Team in DHL Express, raising funds through the GoGetFund Initiatives, which was rolled out amongst colleagues in Global Business IT globally, that include Malaysia, United States, Czech Republic, Singapore and etc. Finally, through the relentless efforts by our DHL IT Services GoTeach Volunteers Team, which was led by Ms Manju, we finally get 10 Lenovo Laptops for our Youths, for them to attend the Speech Class via Zoom from their homes.

When times were tough during the pandemic, this is the time we see so many people joining hands for a noble cause. Just like the volunteers and staff in the DHL Global Business IT Team, who from different countries, stood together to raise funds and purchase these 10 laptops for our youths. We believe these laptops are going to be a great tool for them to gain knowledge in the Speech Class – now they can always do research online, typing their essays, completing their assignments given by their mentors. Besides, it also will open up their learning boundaries via IoT, instil digital literacy in them.

One of the Youths, Alif receiving the Laptop from the volunteers who are from Global Business IT Team in DHL Express Team

On behalf of the youths and their families, we would like to thank Ms Manju and the DHL IT Services GoTeach Volunteers/Mentors. Thank you so much for your dedication and passion in this good cause, keep fighting hard for our youths, bringing them to a state that they can learn and access to knowledge like any other kids, instilling in them the self-esteem, confidence and dignity, Here we look forward to a more aspiring learning journey in the Speech Class, which will be leading them to create greater future for themselves in their lives.

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